Email update when Automations assign a task

Good Morning All,

Suddenly I am receiving emails stating that Automations have assigned me to a task.

This has just happened for the first time today, despite having used Automations to allocate myself as the default assignee for around 6 months.

I can understand this being useful when someone else creates a task in a board, or when a task has been passed to me in more complex workflows.
In this use case, I do not need an email, as I am the one raising the task. I already know it exists. The automatic allocation is to ensure that the task is recognized on “My Week”, and does not get forgotten.

Is it possible to turn off the notifications when Automation assigns a task? This task will be used numerous times a day, and this will quickly lead to clogging my inbox. If this feature is not available, it would be preferable to have this implemented on a per-automation basis.

Kind Regards,
Liam Shannnon

Hi @Liam! Thanks so much for your feedback, we did make an update here in the past few days causing the emails you are receiving. We are in the process of collecting feedback to further refine this feature and to potentially exclude the notion of when you assign yourself to not notify. Stay tuned for more on this! Cheers!


Hi, @lauraglev,
Any word on how to turn off notifications for the automation of auto-assigning tasks to myself? Please allow users to turn off notifications! I’m new to (switching from Asana) and am creating numerous project boards and my email inbox and phone are going crazy with DOZENS of emails and pings. What a mess!! Thanks for any help on this.


Hi @lauraglev, I’d also like to stop receiving emails for being assigned to tasks by an automation – is there any update?

I want to be able to turn off Notifications. I do not need any more emails than I am already receiving. This is a serious glitch if you do not have a way for users to turn these notifications off.