Emails to pulse are not showing in updates

We are using Monday to manage recruitment and have asked candidates to reply to our emails including the pulse email address so that their email is recorded in the update area. Our tests of the process worked fine but it’s not now that it is in the wild. None of the replies from our candidates are showing up in the pulse update. Is it because they are ccing the pulse rather or because their emails have attachements?

Hi @kerstyn - Are the candidates Guests on the board? I wouldn’t think so, but wanted to check.

Monday․com natively won’t accept email updates from just any email address, only from email addresses belonging to user accounts with access to the board. (Imagine the random spam you could get in your board otherwise!)

There are some email apps coming to the Marketplace that get around this, however, if you are just using standard functionality, emails from the candidate would be rejected if they have no permissions on the board.

Monday․com used to send a bounceback email at one point for this type of issue. However, after just testing this now with a personal email address, I didn’t see any error message back.

You may want to contact monday․com support to confirm with them or let me know via PM if you’d like to talk about this further on a screenshare.

Update @kerstyn - A bounceback email eventually showed up, just delayed I guess -

That must be what the problem is. I can see that there is an issue with spam but it’s such a shame because it would be so useful for us. Also, it doesn’t make Monday look very good if lots of people get a bounce back when they reply to a message that is generated from a Monday board.