Embed Dashboard in MS Teams


I would like to add a Dashboard within a MS Teams channel. To do this, I have used the “Website” option in Teams, and copy and pasted the Dashboard link. It works fairly well.

I wondered if there was a way I could force the link to open in TV mode by default, possibly adding additional text at the end of the URL address?

Please can someone give me their thoughts / work arounds (maybe I am missing something).

Many thanks,

Hi @benkristek :wave:

Welcome to the Community!

I would love to first make sure I understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve here.
Are you looking to share a Board (i.e. one table / view of information) or a Dashboard (where you can combine multiple boards and add widgets to view your information in different ways within one central place)?

If you’re looking to share a board or board view, you should be able to use an Embed code that you can find by publicly sharing the board.
You can find steps on how to achieve that here: How to share a board view publicly

If you’re looking to share a Dashboard, I’d love to know the steps you’re currently using to share this on Teams, and how you would like this to look - we can then assist futher!



Hello Dani,

Thank you for your reply.

I want to share a Dashboard into MS Teams, so that the channel in that Team can see the Dashboard with all the widgets / information it has to show.

Hope that makes more sense?