Embed Forms and being mobile responsive

Having trouble getting a embed form to look good on website( desktop and Mobile). Has anyone got any tips to get it to display better (desktop)? Also what about being mobile responsive?

Hey @agunter,

Eazyform for monday, should match all of your needs:

  • It provides styling options that make embedded forms look like part of your website.

  • It has advanced mobile responsive features, allowing you to:

    • Set different field sizes on mobile

    • Stack fields on mobile by setting different field widths for mobile

Checkout the email subscription and contact us forms on our website for examples of mobile responsive forms that look part of our website when embedded.

Another nice feature is that it works exactly like a monday form, i.e. it the editor is a board view and the form saves responses directly into your monday board, so no external editors and no integrations.

Let me know if you need more info or help checking it out.