Embed Shareable view into Confluence IFrame AND edit

I’m thrilled with Monday.com AND Confluence. I would like to be able to embed a view of a board in a confluence page and be able to edit that board FROM confluence.

I know I can use the “Iframe” macro in confluence in conjunction with the “Embed Code” via shared or private boards. So I’ve successfully embedded a monday.com board into confluence. But the board is read only. I suspect I somehow need to log in to monday from confluence so that I can have permissions.

Can anyone help me understand if it is possible to host an editable monday.com board via IFrame?


Hey @ChrisCilino :wave:

I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying using monday.com so far :slight_smile: That’s amazing!

I’m afraid this is not currently possible to create an editable link, using the embed link of a Board View. This will always be set up as a view-only version of the board at this time. It is also not currently possible to log in to monday.com from an external resource like Confluence in order to be able to make changes there.

I hope this helps clarify, although I definitely understand this isn’t quite what you were looking to hear today. Perhaps we will be able to implement this in the future :slight_smile: Although I am not able to commit to any ETAs as of yet, please stay tuned for future updates as we continue to improve monday.com.


It does. Thank you!

As a follow up, I’m noticing that some filters I’ve created are ignored in the view only, hosted iframe view. I have a filter set up based on the status of sub items. But that filter is ignored in the hosted iframe view. Is this a known issue?


I’m afraid the hosted iframe wouldn’t support filtering out data based on sub-item values, as sub-items aren’t supported in the iframe/public board URL view. As there is no data to reference, the filter wouldn’t be able to apply correctly either.

This is something I’ll have to pass on to our product team as feedback as well, and I’m afraid I can’t confirm an ETA as of yet.