Embedded Shared Calendar View - refresh frequency?

I’ve set up a Calendar view and used the view “Share Settings” to generate the shareable link and embed code. I’ve placed the embed code on an external webpage, so leadership at my organization can easily access. However, I’m finding that the calendar items aren’t updating when I make changes to them on the board. Or at least, they aren’t refreshing quickly - the longest I’ve waited is 24 hours, at which point I regenerated the link / embed code and updated my external webpage with the new code, and that worked immediately.

I was under the impression that the embedded calendar view would automatically update when I made changes. Is that not the case? And if it’s supposed to update, what is the expected frequency?

Thank you!

Well, of course I posted this and in the last 5 minutes, the problem seemed to resolve itself. Maybe there was some latency last week when I was experiencing the problem? Not sure :grinning:

Regardless - it’s working now! The embedded calendar updated in <5 mins. :tada:

I’m experiencing this latency again, this time with a shared Gantt view. I keep refreshing, but it’s been over 15 mins with no update. Is this expected?