Enable Weekend Date Selection/View on Board-by-Board Basis instead of at Admin-Level

We have one team that holds events on weekends, and needs the ability to select a weekend date in the timeline/date column. While I know I can enable/disable weekends for our entire instance across the platform, it would be helpful to enable this on a board-by-board basis, so this one particular team can see their weekend events on their timelines/calendars/dashboards, but we dont have to toggle the weekend view off for every other team across the platform.

Commenting here to say that our team is very large and we utilize workspaces. Some workspaces need weekends available for work and some need to block them to fully utilize dependencies to adjust timelines. It would be great to allow for the weekends to be blocked at the workspace level at the very least to allow for different teams to work the way they need to in a large enterprise.


Just here to add that this would also be helpful for my organization! Hoping Monday.com issues a fix for this.

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