Enhance create_notification mutation to support multiple users

Allow the user_id field of the create_notification mutation to accept an array of integers so its type is: Int! | [Int!] instead of just Int!.

This would allow us to submit a batch of notifications in a single call, rather than needing to make many API calls when there are multiple recipients.

This may reduce the API complexity (say 30000 base + 10 for each recipient?) as well as load on the API servers. Plus eliminate a minor inconvenience of having to loop all of the recipients .

My suspicion is that the internal notification system is already built to handle multiple users in a single submission as notifying all people in a column, subscribers, teams, etc. entails notifying multiple people. I could be wrong, but I’m thinking as if I were the person developing the internal notification service - that’s what I’d have done to support multiples.

Hello @codyfrisch,

I have created a request for this!

Thanks for the feedback :grin:


Or even better allow it to be sent to a team.

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send a JSON structure identical to that used in a people column, and then notify everyone including the teams. That makes it super easy in a recipe to just read a column value and submit it for notification.