Enhancements to the Notifications section for our active team

I’ve shifted most of my team and customer interactions to Monday.com tasks. I like that this gets a lot of communication out of email and keeps it in the context of the item being discussed as part of larger project work.

However, there are several issues that arise when I triage my notifications numerous times a day, and when my team members post multiple updates on the same tasks.

Our primary use for unread notifications is to ensure every relevant update is read. The issues are related to high volume and frequently updated tasks. The current experience requires too many clicks, dynamic load via scrolling, and has unnecessary information.

The following changes would help this process:

  1. Show Unread notifications pane by default (or provide an option to do this)

  2. Remove the “Yesterday”, “Last 7 days”, etc. labels - I want to read every notification and don’t care how old it is

  3. For unread notifications, I end up seeing the same thread multiple times. Imagine UserA and UserB both provide an update on the task. Currently the Notification Unread pane shows two unread notifications and I see the thread twice. The system should do one or the other of these:

    a. Only show one notification per task on a Monday.com board. For instance, if UserA updates a task, then UserB updates the same task, only keep the UserB (newer) update since I will look at it anyway.

    b. When I view the thread from the UserA update, the UserB update should become “Read” since it’s clear that I was already on that thread and would have viewed it.

  4. The unread pane should load all unread notifications so we can more quickly get to the oldest notification. Currently it requires multiple dynamic loads which eats up a few seconds if you have more than a few dozen notifications.