Enquire API Integration

Hey, I’m trying to integrate my realestate platform with monday.com. My plan is to integrate enquires that i receive with my contact board.

Here is API from website: Explore Leads API - REA Partner Platform - API

Anyone could give me tip how to do it. I have no experience in that atm.

Hi Michal :slight_smile:

We do this with Make. It’s a tool to connect tools together.

You have already a monday.com module: Monday Integration | Workflow Automation | Make

But it has no module (connection) to your plattform “realestate/REA Partner Platform” but as you already posted it has an API. So now you have to options:

  1. If you need just 2-3 endpoints to connect you can use the HTTP Module in Make.
  2. You can develop your own module, so you have all endpoints available.

If you want to test Make for 1 month for free, you can use this link: Test Make

If you need further help, feel free to contact me over dm. We are a monday.com and Make Partner and have built a lot of these integrations :rocket:

Best Simon