Error in getting column values only for specific board items

Hi, I’m using python (moncli) to read items from a specific board. I created the following code. It works good for most of the items, and returns the releavnt columns’ values, but for some reason for 3 items I get the following error message. See attached.
The code fails in the “status” row, when I try to get the column values. It works if I remove that row.
I have no idea what is the error’s source in those specific items and how to fix it.
Please your urgent help- I’m trying to figure it out for almost 2 weeks… Thanks


Hello there @RoniDob and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :slightly_smiling_face:

This looks like an issue with either Python itself or Moncli.

I do not have experience with either to be transparent. Let’s hope someone in the community does, and can help here :crossed_fingers:

Also, in the Moncli documentation it says that you can contact so that might be worth the try.