Error message while creating subitem via API

Hi team,
I am getting this error message while trying to create a new subitem under an item via api.

“error_code”: “NoSubitemsColumnInThisBoard”,
“status_code”: 200,
“error_message”: “There is no subitem column on this board, please add it first”,
“error_data”: {}

Ideally, I would expect that a reference to the parent item should be sufficient to create a subitem.

Also, the create_column mutation does not specify subitem as a type.

Please guide me on how to proceed.

Thank you.

At the moment, to create a subitem, the subitem board has to first exist.
To create the board, you have to manually create a subitem under any item in the main board. You can delete the created subitem afterwards but the board will still remain (invisible).
Your query will then work afterwards

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Thanks for sharing this @kolaai . That worked.

Hey @kranthi_thoughtflow and @kolaai – this issue was fixed!

You can now create a subitem on a board that doesn’t have any subitems on it – you won’t get a “please create a subitem column” error anymore.

Check it out in action here: Create first subitem

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Thank you @dipro . Appreciate it :+1:

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