Error when trying to open plan selection

Hi monday team, I trying to open plan selection with
monday.execute('openPlanSelection', {});
and I’m getting and error execute command isn't available or supported for this app feature type. Previously when I was testing this after calling execute method plan selection page was opening. I need to add I’m testing this on development version of the app.

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Hello there @ptkocz and welcome to the community!

In this case, would you be able to send us an email to so we can take a closer look into the issue?

Please include:

  1. The full script you are using
  2. The full response you get
  3. A description of your app (what it does, what features it has and how you are firing that method)
  4. A screen recording (or screenshots) of the steps you are taking so we can see the full picture
  5. Where you are testing it (in your local environment? In the preview screen of your app’s configuration page? In an actual board?)

Looking forward to hearing from you over email :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, I’m having the exact same error, looks like the sdk method execute is being blocked.
We cannot give users the option to select a plan, please help.


Hello there @neri and welcome to the community!

Our team has found the source of the issue and a fix will be deployed today.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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