Error with Call GraphAL using Power Automate

We are switching from Zapier to Power Automate. I am trying to use Call GraphQL feature and have run into an issue. I’m fairly new at JSON, so forgive me if this is a simple thing.

The flow is failing with this error:
“The provided input content is not valid: ‘The provided content-type header value ‘application%2Fjson’ is not well formed.’.”

This is the query I’m using.

boards(ids: 2346905490) {
items(ids: @{triggerOutputs()?[‘body/itemId’]}) {
assets {

I appreciate your assitance with this issue.

Hi @slmacche

Welcome to the community and thank you for using this platform.

I assure you that they aren’t “simple things” and that all questions are welcome.

You will be answered soon by one of our community members or the tech team.

Hope to see you around.
Tom :cherry_blossom:

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Hello there @slmacche and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

I am not experienced with Power Automate, but from what you sent, It think there could be two issues:

  1. You have an “application/json” value in the headers of your HTTP request that Power Automate is not supporting for some reason

  2. The value that is passed as the item’s ID might not be valid.

You can try the following: Instead of passing a dynamic value for the item’s ID (@{triggerOutputs()?[‘body/itemId’]), try passing the item ID directly (the number).

If that works, it means that the value that you were trying to pass dynamically is not working as expected.

If it still does not work then the issue might be related to the first scenario I explained with the headers. In that case, you can try erasing that part of the headers, and if that does not help, I would contact Power Automate’s support team to see what you should use there. Maybe what is being expected as the body of the request is not a GraphQL query directly, but rather an object such as:

{"query": "{boards(ids: 2346905490) { items(ids: @{triggerOutputs()?[‘body/itemId’]}) { assets { public_url name } } } }" }

I hope this helps!



I actually can’t see the json header information as I’m using a connector that an external vendor created for PA. I may try a couple of other options.

Hello again @slmacche,

I would recommend speaking with the external vendor to see if they can give you a hand with that :handshake:

I hope that works well!


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