Escape special characters on mutation

Hi :slight_smile:
I try to escape special characters when sending a value to change_simple_column_value mutation. I use Monday API on a python service, so any escaping using python itself didn’t help.
Is it possible to make this escaping?

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I use change_multiple_column_values exclusively, and create an object with a key for the column ID and then the appropriate structure for that column type. Text would just be the string.

Then pass the object through json.dumps(values) and us it as a graphql variable in your query.

This negates any worries about escaping entirely because json serializers handle all of it for you.

GraphQL variables are your friend because they eliminate the need to further escape the string, since you are not trying to put it into the query string itself. Instead you define the variable on the query, and put the variable into the string where it will be used. Then pass the variable value alongside the query string in the request body object.

Thank you Cody!
It worked :slight_smile: