Evaluate difference between the actual value and the new value

Hello, I got 3 differents needs which are pretty much the same :

  1. I need to send a notification when a date is pushed back for more than a week (under than a week, that’s junk mail)
  2. I got the same need where I filled a week# in a number column instead of being a date.
  3. I got the same need for a status : if the previous status was this, then do this

I could also live with sending notifications everytime as long as I’m able to tell what’s the difference between the initial and the new value.

So basically, I would like to record the initial value in a column when the column changes (each time it’s changing), have a formula column that calculate the difference between both column (which shoud be pretty easy), and, when the column changes again, sent a notification.

I’ve tried something similar with a status, which is more simple, but I have a problem where the trigger is the same thing : “When column changes” and it’s doing both automation at the same time.

Hello @dperrier,

You might make the status change automation work with multiple Automations and more fields:

  1. On main_value change you copy the value from the future_previous_value column to the previous_value column.
  2. On previous_value change you copy the value from the main_value column to the future_previous_value column.

Something like that might work, I didn’t try it sorry :slight_smile:.