Events API in SDK - more options


I am building an app and i am trying to listen to marked item in events.
Is this something that is going to be added in the future?
Currently it is very limited - just new item & column changes.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi @t-t!

It sounds like what you’re looking for is some more comprehensive webhook capabilities, is that right?

Do you mind sharing a bit more about what specific ones you were looking for? Perhaps if an item was deleted? Or was it something else?

If you want to let me know what specifically you were looking for, can either find a workaround together and also submit this as feature request feedback for our team’s consideration.


Hello Helen .

I need a simple table view in board that allows multiple item selection (which exists) with an option to press a custom button that will call an external API to perform an action on all of those selected items.
I built a Monday app that contains those buttons and i need to have the options to listen to items that were selected so when the user presses the button - a request with those items will be sent to my server.

It would be great if you can suggest a work around.