Every Board with chat room

Dear Monday.com Team,

We use Slack + Monday.com for managing our Team remotely. We use Slack for discussing general topics about the work that doesn’t relate directly to a specific task. This leads to:

  • Spread Information
  • Desorganitaion

With Monday.com having its own chat room for every board would allow us to centralize everything in one tool and organize better the discussions.

  • Centralize Information
  • Everything at one unique tool (Monday.com)
  • Organization

Few organizational tools have it already and would like to see in our favorite tool monday.com.
Please consider that, it’s not a complex thing to ask for.

Hi Lucas! Thanks so much for this suggestion. It is definitely something I will share with the product team.

That said, I’d like to highlight how many teams currently achieve this on monday.com. In order to have general conversations within a board that don’t necessarily apply to a specific task, we suggest creating a “General” group at the top of your board with an item called something like “Talks”, “Discussions”, “FAQs”, etc.

You can check out more about how this works in the following article under “High Level Communication”: https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010623059-Improving-Team-Communicating-with-monday-com

Hope this helps, and thanks again for this feedback!

Monday.com used to have this in an earlier version. But I was told they removed it. It was like having conversations at the board level instead of just at the pulse level like it is today.

I too would like this feature reintroduced & enhanced.


Dear @lindsay-monday.com,

That suggestion could somehow work if the updates area would be more like a chat. The conversations box is huge, not in a way optimized for chatting. I am glad you consider this feature because I believe having its own chat platform inside Monday would require less integration and give a more complete solution for team managing.