Every Board with chat room

Not sure why this appears for you, but the mobile version is live.

I am still experiencing the same. I am australia based

does it works from the browser ?
I advice to remove the board view and reinstall the app completely, when you remove the app all old messages and account details will be removed.

I have done it. still no luck. could you check internally?

been check,uninstall and install, no luck still

Sorry, we checked it internally from outside and other users confirmed it’s working for them.
Try it from another user in your account.

Is this an alternative to Monday @Eiti ?

I’m moving from Clickup with the hope that Monday has a chat (team-level & one-to-one) feature available… Hope this is going to happen in a near feuture. :pray:

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I don’t know, but isn’t “Update” the same as a chat feature in Monday? Unless you need a live chat tool. We use Workplace so, not a fan of Slack. Even Google Chat integration, might be a interesting solution.

Hi @Lucas
Thanks for submitting this request and thanks to everyone who voted. While we currently are not planning on creating chat rooms for each individual board, we are working on developing a centralized place for communications on each board which will have similar capabilities.

P.S. Read more about our new feature request process and keep sharing your ideas with us!

Hi everybody!

We are currently working on a new feature that we think can help with this request- Board discussion! This feature allows to have a board level discussion and update area.

We are currently looking for beta users to test the feature before it comes out! If you are interested please fill out the following form: Beta accounts for Board Discussions

Thank you and hope to see you in our beta group!