Example source code for the Chart widget?

I’d like to build a custom widget/bar chart for my dashboard, but it’d only be a slight change to the way the current chart widget functions.

Is the code for this widget available anywhere? If not, could it be released? I think the community could do some really cool things with it, which I think would only help monday.com grow and appeal to more companies and users. It would also serve as a useful reference as how complicated/good widgets should be designed and coded.

Hello there @aholtzhauer,

That code is not available as of today.

Having said that, I have created a request for our team to hopefully make it available in the future :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Matias.Monday ,

Since that code is not currently available, are there any forms of example chart widgets available that we can add to dashboards?


Hello again @aholtzhauer,

There are no examples made in monday for that as far as I know.

Let’s hope some other community member has something (maybe made by themselves) to share with you :crossed_fingers: