Excel File Auto Update an existing board & System Integrations

Request 1

Once we have a board created we would like to be able to export the board into excel. Manually update the excel board that we have exported and upload this back into the existing board so it automatically refreshes that data.

Request 1.1

If we use a 3rd party software to mirror the board we would like to create a feed into this 3rd party software so it can automatically update the board with new and amend the existing board data.

Hey @ZackCarter

Thanks for your feedback and welcome to the community!

Can you explain more about your workflow and what the Excel files help you achieve?

Regarding the 3rd party software, which software is this as would like to be able to advise on whether you can already achieve what you’re looking for?


Hi Julia

If we exported a board and not a dashboard to excel from Monday.com we want to update the data on the Excel file and it will automatically update the board on Monday.com by importing the board or a link from excel to Monday.com.

Due to our system security restrictions we do not allow 3rd party integration.

We would export the data from our system to an excel file and then the Excel file that is from Monday.com is updated and then the changes made to the Excel file is then updated on Monday.com boards.

I understand that but why are you exporting it in the first place? Are you sharing with people outside of your monday account? Is that why?

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Can you give me an example of the types of changes you’re making? I just want to see if I can remove this step of needing to do things on Excel and allow you to make such changes directly in monday.com

Also, maybe our API would help here?

We would amend existing board data with new data as per changes from our system.

For example at the beginning of the day we would have 100’s of new rows of projects to undertake. Throughout the day the 100’s number might go up or down.

So we would be actioning in bulk:

We would be deleting and creating new rows or specific columns of data.
We would be amending certain existing data that is already present on Monday to mirror our system data export in Excel.