Excel Import and Assigning People


We are looking in import data from an excel spreadsheet for each instance of a group of tasks. Within that group, there are about 30 individual tasks that are assigned to a variety of 5 different people. I have not been able to find a way to assign specific tasks to the specific people on import, nor have I found a way to assign those tasks via automation.

I think (hope) I might be missing something basic. Otherwise, the procedure seems to be after an import we’d need to manually assign all the tasks. That seems like a time sink when we otherwise know (at import) which people are assigned which tasks.

Any help and/or guidance is much appreciated. Thanks!


One solution that might work for you: import the names into a text column then change the column type of the text column to people.

If you are importing to an existing board, the way that I would do it would be to have a text column that I used for the import of the names. Then run an Integromat process to move the names to the people column and blank out the text column.

Thanks @JCorrell !

I believe this does the trick for us! I appreciate your input to helping us for this question.

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