Exclude subitems column from automation recipe


I made an integration recipe that triggers on status column changes

Is there any way to exclude subitems from the recipe ?


Thank you in advanced.

Hi @Matias.Monday ,

I made a custom trigger

But I don’t get any webhook data from monday after i change the status column value

Did I do something wrong ?

It seems, in order for me to exclude subitem columns, i will need a custom trigger that triggers from monday’s side whenever a status column value changed

Hello again @togar!

My apologies. the workaround I sent implied the use of a webhook which I now realize would not have solved the need you have since it also supports subitems.

My bad!

There is no way of implementing this out of the box. I will try to come up with some workaround that fits your needs and come back to you if I find any :slightly_smiling_face:

Again sorry for the confusion.


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Hello @Matias.Monday ,

No worries, have you figured out a way to solve this ?

Best regards,

Hey! At the moment this isn’t possible — I’d recommend sending an error message when the integration runs, advising them to not select a subitem column.