Existing board in browser cannot be reached with API

We have a board in our organisation that is invisible throught Graph QL.
When I perform a query through API with board ID this board is not listed. If I use the browser I can see the board ID in the URL and I can reach the board via dashboard. The url looks like this : “boards/1296605043”
Any idea of how I can fix that pretty annoying behaviour?
My “list boards” query looks like this : { boards { name id } }

Hi @Agri013,

Can you please let me know what happens if you run this query?

{ boards(ids: 1296605043) { name id } }

Query’s have a default limit (boards is 25) of results returned. You can override this by setting a limit in the query, if you are using a limit value then you should also include the page variable as well:

{ boards(ids: 1296605043, limit: 15, page: 1) { name id } }

This query would return the first 15 boards, you could then update the page variable to 2 to recieve the next 15 boards and so on.

For the first query I got this result:
“data”: {
“account_id”: 506………
idem for the second query
Ilf I try to paginate with 15 results at a time I still cannot see the “1296605043” board

Hi @Agri013,

Very interesting. It looks like the query is indicating that the board doesn’t exist.

Do you mind including screenshots of what you’re seeing in the browser UI for the board with this ID? If it contains sensitive data, feel free to send it to appsupport@monday.com for us to check out privately.


Hi @Agri013,

Since we haven’t heard from you in some time I’m going to mark this as closed.

For future readers: all of monday.com API tokens are personal tokens. As such, users must be added to the board in order to query information from it. Same applies to all our objects!

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