Expanding on automations - Overarching multiple boards and multiple outcomes

Automations are awesome, no doubt about that. But I feel that there is still a lot of potential hidden, which could make workflows and the implementation of automations that much smoother and effective.

For once, I would love the ability to have one automation be applied to more than one board.
I could see this as a separate setting, in which users could establish a number of automations and then apply this automation to all or a number of boards.
For example, this would allow the automation of “When Status is Done move item to group Done” to be implemented in every board that has a status of “done” and a group called “done”. We use this automation on nearly all of our boards, but have to create it (and many more automations like it) every time we create a new board.
This would also solve the problem we are having that a small change to a board (say, adding a new column or changing the name of a status) means that we have to manually change every automation in every board, instead of being able to change it once and apply it to all relevant boards.

Furthermore, the ability to add more than one outcome per automation would be very helpful.
This would mean that automations such as “If status changes to pending, push back date by 5 days AND move the item to the group pending AND notify the owner of the board” and similar things would be possible and easy to implement.
One action (changing a status) could have more than one outcome (notify, move, push date, etc.), without needing a separate automation for each outcome.

These are two additions that I have noticed would make our teams use of Monday.com much smoother and time effective. Any chance these might be in the works or could be implemented in the future? Anyone have similar ideas to add to this? Feel free to add.

Hey @editarr!

Ivan here from the monday.com team! I just wanted to take the time out to thank you for writing into our community and for your thoughtful post around the improvements you’d like to see on our platform in terms of automations.

Your two points around being able to apply automations across multiple boards as well as your feedback around being able to add multiple conditions to automations to strengthen them, both are incredible and valuable pieces of feedback that I’ve already gone ahead and passed along to our product team!

To your first point, if you have an automation recipe that doesn’t involve item mappings, what you could do is duplicate the board that has those recipes and the new duplicate board would carry over those created recipes, which could be a potential workaround here?

To your second point, we are working on developing custom automations that you’re able to add to your board, where you’ll essentially be able to create your own triggers/automations. This should help with what you’re looking for and it is something that our Autopilot Team is working on!

Thank you for your answer @ivanhong-monday.com!

It is great to hear that you are thinking about implementing these two suggestions, I am always impressed with how much work you put into this platform and the amount of updates and new possibilites you offer, it is one of the reasons for us to stay with monday.

Duplicating bords is what we will currently be doing, thank you for the suggestion! It will work for at least a few of the automations.

I am very excited for the custom automations! They will be a big help to our team and our workflow!