Expert in setting up Content Creation, scheduling and process board

We are looking to hire an expert to set up and optimise a number of boards for our content creation, content scheduling and other relevant content information boards so that we can store, create & schedule everything from RAW material through to final copy of content for splaying over multiple platforms.

Hi @Caterina I would be happy to sit down and chat with you through the content creation, scheduling and process board. I have worked with many agencies and setup similar templates as what it sounds like you are looking to setup. I’ll send you a direct message too in relation to the CRM processes that you are looking to utilize for.

Please book a time here if you are interested in discussing more! Calendly - Tim Little


Hey Caterina!

I’ve built several workspaces that do exactly this!

I would love to show you what I put together and hear more about your specific needs - you can find more about what I do with monday at

A quick overlook of one of the systems I built was for a ghost writing company where I put together a setup board where you can easily add new clients and recurring items that get created on the team board. For example, lets say client X wants a new blog post every week, you add it into the setup board, and each week a new item gets created on the team board and it notifies the appropriate writers giving them all the relevant information to begin right away.

There are many other features it has too, but that’s the primary job and it’s been running flawlessly for 4 months now!

Hi @Caterina just checking if you’d found a resolution to this?
It sounds like something I could resolve within a couple of days for you.
Feel free to email me at if you’re still seeking assistance.