Export Board as Excel File Using API

Hello All,

Is there a way to export a board with all the color fields and formatting using the API?
From what I’ve read it seems I can only pull all the information via a query then create the excel file and format the fields using code.
I want to make an API call that will give me the exported board as a file so I can upload it to Google Drive.

Thanks for any help or ideas!

hi @Meneghini

With the API you can read all column, columntype, items, values etc. When you want to export an entire board to Excel this will involve a large number op API calls in a loop (through all items and columns) and this will not be an easy task. On top of that you will probably hit the complexity limit of the API which means you have to breakdown the query in smaller parts…

Did you have a look at the standard “export to Excel” function? Are you missing bits and pieces in that function?

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