Export Monday Doc to PDF

We have recently made the move to Monday and are setting up a central location for staff documents and company policies.

We have the requirement to send potential clients and auditors these documents and would need to do so in PDF format. At the moment I can only click “Print” and then when I select PDF, it created huge white borders and makes the whole document very narrow.

If we could export the document to PDF as it has been laid out in the document, that would be a great help to us.


I see that there is an option to export a Doc #workdoc to PDF and widgets in the doc are captured as static images in the export. Acknowledging that there are a few bugs, this is great! However, there is no way to paginate the document before exporting to PDF. This results in undesirable page breaks and a PDF that does not look very professional. Additionally, it would be ideal if the header and footer were customizable (e.g., customer brandings/logo, field selection - doc title, date, page number).

I am primarily using Docs to present weekly status reports to Clients. We have found great value in this as it allows for automated dashboard-type widgets alongside customized text/narrative. However, these weekly status reports must be captured, saved and delivered to the Client as a point-in-time snapshot of the project. I find that the Export to PDF functionality does not produce a deliverable of acceptable quality.

Are there any proposed enhancements on the product roadmap?
Is there any other way to capture a point-in-time snapshot of the project?



@monday-team I’d just like to draw your attention to my previous post. Please let me know if you have any insight regarding this topic. Thanks!