Export the Calendar view to Excel

I love the Calendar view which helps me to sort tasks much easier. My question is that when I want to share the calendar outside Monday.com people, I find no way to export it.

I hope that is a feature to export the calendar to Excel.

My use case:
I have a Board for offline events. To show the events on a traditional-looking calendar is more comfortable and easy for people to understand.


Hey @Chang

I hear you!

How about inviting those outside people into your monday account as guests and making the board where you manage the calendar a shareable board?

I’ll definitely pass this feedback along to our product team for consideration!
This is actually quite similar to this - More functionality for the broadcast view which asked for the calendar view to work with the “broadcast” so you can put the calendar e.g. on a website for others to view it. This might also answer your needs?

Hi Julia,
Thanks for your feedback.

Because in most cases I will need to put this calendar on email or on PPT, inviting outside people to Monday.com is not really feasible in my case.

Hope it will be available in the near future. :slight_smile:

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