Exporting to excel via integration

Is there a way for me to export a board to Excel through the API? Have the file passed to the requesting app, rather than downloading automatically?

We have boards that we reuse each day, with a group at the top that always stays there, and the other groups get archived at the end of each day. We export all the boards to excel before archiving groups, to have a record of what happened each day. We then have a folder on the hard drive for each day, and move the excel files into it.

I’ve just gotten Make.com set up to do some other things for me, and have started wondering if there’s a better solution, first for automating the export/archive process, and also possibly storing the excel files somewhere online where its easier to look through them.

I realize I can grab all the data in a board and place it somewhere else, but wonder if that’s not just reinventing the wheel when the Export to Excel option already exists.

I’d love to hear if anyone has any ideas of a better way to store and view daily boards.

Hello @TPCouriers!

You can use our API and Google’s API and create a script to transfer the board’s data to spreadsheets, you could look in our marketplace to see if there is an app that can do what you need, or as you said, you could probably have this done using something like Make.

Which option is the best will really depend on your needs and resources.


Hi Carla
Hope all is well
This is something that is that is possible using Make
It would be able to transfer all the data from the board into an excel and push to a storage location in the cloud.
There are a few restrictions doing this through Make in that you would not have the same formatting as an exported board, but all the data would be present on the excel, just in a raw format. We would also need to understand the size of boards and the level of your Make account in accordance to how many actions a month your account allows

If this is something you would be interested in for us to provide a solution, then please let me know and we can setup a call to discuss in more detail
Many thanks in advance