Expose board order value on items/subitems

There must be a “board order” value on items and subitems thats used to by the main table (unsorted) view to sort the items. Could this be exposed to us in the API?

This way we can sort an items list into the board order, but more importantly if we get subitems, get their order and sort them. It seems when item IDs are not specified, the items are returned in board order usually. But not items.subitems or if you specify an array of items to get - those come back in random order.

Hello there @codyfrisch,

I have added your vote towards this request :slightly_smiling_face:

As always, if we add this, we will announce it in our changelog!


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One note is many of the previous requests have been for the API to return items sorted. This has a lot of complexity on the API side to do the sort - and would then be extra computation done when not required. Or additional logic determining when it is required or not.

My desire here is instead of the monday servers doing the sort (possibly needlessly) is to just make the information we need to do the sort available - if we request it. Either as a value on each item returned or if not stored that way, a single array of IDs on the board object we can reference for an order.


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Thanks for your feedback @codyfrisch!

That would be great, if monday team can add just on array of items ids, in the way it’s shown on monday board. Also, I think the the default behaviour should be that the items are returned as sorted on monday board, this is what is expected most of the times.
As of now, even if we need only 5 items out of 1000, but sorted in the way it’s displayed on monday board, when passing ids filter for items query, we receive it unsorted :frowning: … So the workaround is to make a query for all the items, without ids filter and only then we get it sorted, this is … hmmmm…

One request/load to monday data centers obviosly and time being lost, since one more request is needed just to get the items sorted…

Why i’m saying the items should be returned by default in the order displayed on the board, since there is drag and drop functionality which allows to move the items, it’s obvious api should take this into consideration, and return by default correct order.

Otherwise, you might need only 5 items but sorted in correct order, and you end up querying entire board for all items, jus the get the sorting order of those 5 items… the api is twisted , unfortunately…

When can we expect that items query with ids filter will return the items in the correct order ?

Thank you for your time and consideration

Hi @ionscorobogaci,

Thank you for jumping in and sharing your feedback! I’ve shared your thoughts with the development team for their consideration.

We don’t have an ETA at the moment, but we’ll be sure to communicate all upcoming changes with the community.

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We at DocuGen are also doing an extra query just to fetch the correct order of items. It would be fantastic if there was an order by parameter.

@samicaracand @Neda

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Fully support this request

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I have added your votes towards this request :slightly_smiling_face:



Hi @Matias.Monday ,
Actually, we needed this feature to apply some automation. I have posted same question here


Hi @vishallimgire,

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve followed up on your thread.

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