Expose "Which label means assignments are done?" for status columns

When querying columns, it’d be useful if the “Which label means assignments are done?” values were exposed, probably in the settings_str alongside the existing “labels” field which is exposed or as a boolean for each individual label in the settings_str.
I’m looking at using the activity_log to track when items become “Done” for various different status columns so need a programmatic way of knowing when an item is considered “Done” for a particular status column,



Hey there @MattG :wave:

That’s a great idea and suggestion! I definitely agree this should be part of the API and I’ve passed the suggestion over to our product team so they can consider it when making future updates.

I appreciate your help in making our API v2 better and better :slight_smile:


Hi @MattG
If I understand you correctly you want to know which label in status column represent “done”.
Unfortunately there is no such thing as status column is very flexible and can be anything. It can represent location (west, east, north, south) or priority (low, medium, high) etc.
That mean that many status column do not have label that means “done” and even for those who have, the label can be “done” or “resolve” or “finish” or anything else that the user want to treat as done.
I am afraid that to know what label means done you will have to ask the user.
If I understand you wrong fill free to correct me.

Hi Amit,

I’m referring to the statuses set in this setting which I can access on a Status column under “Column Settings”

Screenshot 2020-09-29 at 15.51.12

Hope this clears things up,



Hey @MattG,

Unfortunately as Alex mentioned above, right now there isn’t a functionality within the API natively to know when a status column is considered ‘done’ based on the settings. It’s something we’ve logged internally with our team and hope to support in the future. Currently status columns would return like this on the API right now:


One possible workaround for this would be to have a hidden column with an automation that will fill in a certain value when the status changes to done. This way you could filter the API query for that column to say ‘done’.


Hi @MattG ,

You might copy-paste a “done” emoji of your choosing in the statuses.
Not sure if you could filter for it directly in the request through.

By the way, there are use cases where several statuses in the same list mean the item is done.
For example, an Opportunity item which would be Won, Lost or No go would be considered done.

Hope it helps.

Hey @MattG,

if I understood you correctly you can also just query for the Column Value.

query { 
  items_by_column_values(board_id: 743365378, column_id: "status", column_value: "Done"){   

In this case of course, you need to know that “Done” is actually done.
But you could change that value anytime.
Even make a really small app, that could look like this.


Alternativly you also could query for labels or indexes.
There is an awesome view @AlexSavchuk posted a while ago:


Maybe that helps.


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