External board for Items that are waiting the approval of a supervisor

So here’s what I am trying to do:

I want to find a way so that every time the status of an item, across all the boards I have created from the same template, changes to a certain value (eg. Pending approval), another item is created in another board (eg. Approval board), it is linked to the previous, and some columns are mirrored.

I managed to do so between the Template board and the “Approval board”, but when I create a new board from the template I created the links are severed and to create new links I have to add more mirror columns and linked boards columns.

Is there a more intuitive way to do what I’m try to accomplish?

In some ways Asana is much more fluid about this… you can just simply assign the same task (item) to multiple projects (boards). Why can this be that simple?

The main reason I leaning toward Monday and rejecting Asana is because of the automations which are very, very bad in the latter… but all this linking and mirroring things can get so so complicated…

Hi @edoaber - I think 20 - 30 minutes on Zoom sharing your screens and talking through what you want to achieve would be quite helpful here. There’s a bit of open time today on our schedule due to someone rescheduling last minute. Reach out to me directly at deb@polishedgeek.com if you want to try to sync up today on Zoom.