External Monetization service

I wanna ask a question regarding external payment process. In order to use the monday monetization, I need to be a vendor which means I should have a legal company in my country. But what if I am an individual contributor? Then I need to use my own payment system, right? If this is the case, before submitting the app to marketplace should I inform monday that I want to use my own monetization system?

Thanks in advance.

Many developers are sole proprietorships, and its just themselves, no mandate to be incorporated (or whatever its called in your country). Assuming your country permits individuals to operate a business, you can use the monday monetization. I think some of the documentation is just written with the assumption you have a corporation or some other legal entity but if not the legal entity is you

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Thanks @codyfrisch,

As far as I understand, as a sole developer or individual I can use the internal monetization system. That is good but monday mandates a company name, a company address and tax id on their vendor form explicitly like the following SS.

Legal company name would by your name as a sole proprietor.

Entity/Company Name is what name you want to show in the marketplace.

Legal company TIN ID is your personal ID for taxpaying.


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Dear monday support team,

According @codyfrisch I can submit a vendor request with my tax id, right? There is no requirement to have a legal company owned by me?

Thanks @codyfrisch BTW, you are awesome.

Hello there @apsimos,

You should be fine without a legal company owned by you.

The review team will contact you if anything needs reviewing :smile: