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I am trying to extract data from my boards via an API. I managed to extract all the columns I have apart from the timeline.

e.g. I am using the below to extract a date.
{‘monday_id’: ‘date3’, ‘tol_id’:‘materials_in’, ‘is_date’:True, ‘is_person_id’:False },

I understand that a timeline has a ‘from’ and a ‘to’ but how do I extract the 2 dates and have it saved as a date in my database?
{‘monday_id’: ‘timeline’, ‘tol_id’:‘time_start’, ‘is_date’:False, ‘is_person_id’:False },

Thank you

Hey @linda.nunes
From and To dates in a Timeline column are returned in JSON in the same format used to mutate it.

  "from": "2019-06-03",
  "to": "2019-06-07"


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Hi @linda.nunes!

Adding on to @rob, in this case you would need to perform a query with our API that would return this data.

The query would most likely look something like this:

For reference, here is our new API documentation. Definitely take a read and look through some of the provided code examples!

thanks my issue has been fixed.

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