Extract data via API v2

Hi Folks,

I have been tasked to extract data from 3 keys boards for MGMT reporting, I’m trying to extract all rows and columns from the board I’m using Python Request. I just started writing the script and it seem like this will be a very complex task.

Does anyone have an previous code they can share ? or is there an easier way to extract the data?
I also don’t mind the option of exported the board into excel or csv

Not sure how you would execute this query using Python, but this is what I query to get all items from a board:

	"query": "{boards(ids: XXXXXX, limit:100) {
items {
column_values {

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Thanks I was able to use something similar. I have just seen online that we’re not able to extract column values for calculated columns? is there any other way of extracting this data?

query = """ query { boards (ids: %s limit: 20, page: 1) { id name columns { title id } items {name column_values { # id title # value text } group{title} } }}""" % ()

Hey Ola, at the moment you can’t get data from columns like the formula column (since they’re calculated on the client side).

We’re working on adding this functionality; until then you’ll need to reconstruct the formula calculation in your app.