Extracting data from subitem column as CSV's

I am using m.com as a CRM, tagging clients by industry, and using subitems for contacts (as recommended by Monday.com’s CRM article). This works quite well, except for one large hole.

I want to be able to filter by industry (selecting multiple tags) to create custom lists/views, and then select all email addresses to copy them as CSV’s (e.g. for mailing lists). Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem you can actually select an email address at all?

The only way to copy them is either to (1) click on the very small white space to the left of the email address, highlight all, then copy, and organise using Pastebot (or similar) to then paste into email client, or (2) export entire list/view as Excel spreadsheet, open spreadsheet, use formula to separate cells by comma, then paste into email client.

I’m sure there may be faster ways to do this (e.g. integrations with specific email clients), but surely we should be able to do something as simple as select all values within a column? Google Sheets can do this very easily.