Extracting Files From Monday Updates

Hi all

We have just transitioned our Monday boards into a new tenant, that we now share with a sister company. I used the cross account copier and integromat to facilitate 90% of the work.
The challenge however is that I now need to extract a number of files that have been uploaded into Monday using the pulse update functionality. Can anyone please shed some light on the most effective strategy that I can apply to extracting the files and uploading them into the new tenant, which we now access.
I cant seem to find any related (productive) feedback on the best step to take, and which is the best technology to achieve that?
Thank you

Hi @marcbarnes,

Great question. At this time, you’re able to retrieve a public_url by querying this field for the asset of your choosing. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that this public URL will only last for an hour. Here is the section of our API documentation that explains this: Files.

I see that Integromat has both an “Add a File to an Update” as well as an “Add a File to a File Column Value” module for monday.com. Perhaps you can utilize one of these to push your files into your other account.

What do you think? Could something like this work?

Thank you Helen. I did see those Integromat options, and had earmarked the  “Add a File to an Update” . What I am struggling with is the API query to retrieve a list of all of the assets that we have- so that I can plug that into the 'Add File' option.
It seems that you need to know the name of the asset to query it, but there is no variable that i can see in a 'search items on a board' Integromat Monday module to expose a variable for the underlying assets attached to an update. 

**So I guess my question is:** Can I use the Monday API, and a GraphQL query, to retrieve a list off all of the asset ids (for files) attached to a board (or all boards)?  If you or anyone could add that in a reply it would be an amazing start. Then i will try to use Integromat to move the files.  

Please see the query below- how do I filter the query to only include results where the item has a file asset? Thank you

query {
updates (limit: 2000) {
assets {

Hi marcbarnes

I’ve solved the problem with the file in integromat. You have to use the HTTP Module and the public URL, then you can get a file. Does this work for you? I’ve not tried it with updates only with the file column.

Hi @marcbarnes,

Great question. In this case, you can query only the updates in certain boards.

For instance, with a query like this:

I would only see the updates, and by association, the assets within that one board. You wouldn’t be able to not see the updates without files, but for those, the result will return empty.

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