Facebook Ad Set, Ad Data

Hey, everyone!

I am in the process of onboarding all of the internal systems at our marketing agency to Monday in order to reduce the usage of many disparate programs and separate costs and unify everything under one central operating system.

The biggest feature that I’d like to see right now is a more complete Facebook Ads integration. Really all I need is to be able to do two additional things.

  1. Report on the Ad Set and Ad level, not just the Campaign level.
  2. Pick a time period to display results. Specifically, I would like to sync the board once a week before our client meetings to show the data from the past 7 days. Or, as another example, the board would sync once a day to show the performance of the previous day.

Right now, the lack of these features is preventing us from switching our client-facing reporting systems over to Monday.

These features would have a significant impact on our business. Not only would generating client reports become significantly easier and less time consuming, but they would look more professional. In particular, I am excited about the possibility of building out custom dashboards that give our clients an overview of their account at a glance. On top of that, we could also build internal systems that allow us to easily see and visualize our performance across the entire company, both aggregated and broken down by client, ad supervisor, CSR, etc.

These two features would do a lot for our company, and I imagine that they could have a big impact on other marketing companies.

I’m curious to get feedback from other marketing agencies here - what else would you like to see?