Failed mutation

Hey everyone,

When we try to mutate the values of one item , the result is an error!. Funny enough we made similar mutation before an after, and those were a success

The mutation we use is:

mutation {
change_column_value (board_id: 79023, item_id: 106, column_id: “status1”, value: “{“tag_ids”:[8671878]}”) {

GraphQL query failed with 1 errors
{‘errors’: [{‘message’: ‘Query has complexity of 30001, which exceeds max complexity of 27690’}], ‘account_id’: 4548618}

This kind of error has been present now for at least 3 weeks, sometimes is a success sometimes is not. Thanks for your help

Hi @Carlos-i!

It looks like the issue here is that your mutation is exceeding the complexity limit allotted for your account.

How many times are you running this mutation query? Are you running any others?

It might help for you to check out this section of our API documentation: API v2 Documentation.

Take a look and let me know if this helps.


Hi Helen

Thanks a lot, I read it before but I understood it differently then, this solves my issue :slight_smile:

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