Feature Request: Adding a My Work widget for use on dashboards

Hi there! As a project manager, I use dashboards pretty heavily to keep everything I need to see in one place, and one of the widgets I used daily was My Week, which is no longer available and has been replaced with My Work. Although I like the functionality of My Work, it doesn’t have a companion widget, so I’d like to suggest that as a new feature. With My Work no longer available, I find myself having to constantly switch back and forth between my dashboard and My Work throughout the day to keep on top of everything, which may not sound like much of a hassle, but in reality, the amount of time spent switching back and forth, including load time, really does impact my efficiency. Thanks!

Hello @AmandaParida !

I will make sure that your request is reviewed by our R&D team :muscle:

Thank you for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face: