Feature Request: Automation from votes

Hoping to see an automation where I can move a pulse to another group/board based on number of votes.

Hi @derrickleemy, Derrick

Interesting automation. I do see lots of automation request that currently can’t be done native in monday. However most of these could be build with webhooks and Integromat. Together with another long term power user (@PedroM) we are in the process building a marketplace for these kind of automation. If you are interested in this, please send me a PM.

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Hi @derrickleemy

I used this example to build our first automation with monday apps. It allows you to select the vote column, the number of votes to move on and the group to move to. It looks like this:

At this moment it is not yet possible to share mondays apps between accounts, when this is possible (expected soon) I will share this automation in out marketplace.

See my post at https://community.monday.com/t/monday-app-with-automations-released/ for more details of our app which includes the “Vote to Group” feature.

@derrickleemy just came along your Topic opened the same Topic too :slight_smile: