Feature request: (Automation) move an item when the status changes from a specific group to another group

Feature request:
An automation where an item from a specific group will be moved to another group when its status changes.

Perhaps something like:

When an item’s status in this group changes to something, move item to this group.

Hope this is possible. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi @danyils! Welcome to the monday.com community :wave:

This isn’t an automation possibility at this time, but I’d love to get more information about how this would be useful for your team! Perhaps as a workaround, you could set up unique status labels within your groups in order to take advantage of this automation:

Look forward to hearing from you!

Hi there,

My team is facing the same problem - the above-mentioned suggestion by @danyils would be really helpful for us. Do you have any update on this issue or any new ways of solving the problem?

Unique status labels is not a solution for us - it would get too messy and confusing choosing which status label to select. We have a board with 6-7 item groups (let’s say Group 1, Group 2 and so on) and we would like to create 6-7 extra groups in the same board, called DONE-Group 1, DONE-Group 2) and so on, so we could get a quick overview of non-d

one tasks. After some time (around 20 days) we want the files from DONE groups be moved to Archive groups, see picture attached.

Any ideas on how to solve this?
Thank you in advance

@melissav-monday.com, In regard to adding a feature, one way to address this would be to add Group as a criteria on the new AND processing logic in custom automations.


should we expect an update soon / is there another way of fixing this?

Thank you in advance