Feature request: board analytics on shareable boards

We use our shareable boards with a large network of guest users for our projects. We have a freelance network that we collaborate with to complete projects. It doesn’t make sense for us to buy them in as full users, as we may only bring them in for a single project at a time and they don’t need access to all company operations.

We need the ability to track their activity easily. Right now, we have to manually click on each board and view the actions. When you have hundreds of projects to track and quite a few freelancers to keep track of, it takes up far too much time to get a snapshot of the team and if they are using the boards as we intended.

Our staff manages a high level of data from their inbox and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We need a quicker way to see which sharable boards are getting the most love.

This would help us see who is integrating themselves the strongest, who engages with our work the most and allow us to reward staff that hits our goals. Would also help us forecast problems and see which projects are not as active.

What do you think?

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Hi Melissa,

Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile: I would like to hear more - do you have a shareable board per project? Do you collaborate with many freelancers on each shareable board? Just checking you’ve seen the advanced usage stats in your admin section under stats? This will give you some insights on most trending boards, top communicators and top creators. Ultimately, I think you’re asking for some deeper insights in this stats section?

We have one high-level board to track all projects at a glance and then one low-level board per project that has more detail.

The low-level boards are all shareable and use our freelance workforce as guests. There is no way for me to track the guest activity on these low-level boards without manually checking each one.

I’d love to see guest stats at a glance, so I can gauge what they are working on without having to check 50 boards manually.

Well if it’s multiple boards the answer should be in Dashboards. With a large board it may be difficult to quickly take a glance though. Depending on what kind of data you need to show the answer might be different.

If you want just a general view of the whole board, there’s the table widget. If you’re talking about tracking actual time, setting up boards with the time tracking tools and time tracking widget might serve you well. That could then be seen on a higher and lower level, in the widget and at the board level.

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Good point. @MelissaFox what kind of stats would you be looking for?

I’d love to see an activity rank for guests, similar to the stats we have now with our users. Who is using the sharable boards the most. Then an active board rank for sharable boards, a top 20 would be great. That would give me a good gauge of who I need to call and which projects are being loved in at a glance.

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I have looked into this, I am not sure what I am asking for exists for shareable boards or guests. I am looking for more stats, similar to the ones you can access through the admin panel.

Hmm well a way we have done this in the past is clever use of the numbers widget and charts. If you can define the items you want to feature in your dashboard with the numbers widget, then you can set it to give you a basic count or something more complex.

A bit involved and not a for-sure win, but actual stats might be new territory… it certainly would be a good widget!