Feature Request: Favorite Boards (Starred)

Please allow us to “Favorite” Boards to have at the top of our board list. Also - consider giving us the ability to add colored headers or someway to better visually distinguish between board groups. Maybe it’s just me. Thanks!


I second this especially the colored headers/colored board titles or folders!


The ability to set favorite boards is a must have feature

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Hey guys,

This feature is going to be released into beta very soon!

If you’re interested in using this, keep an eye out on monday labs where it will go for testing :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to hear your feedback!

cc: @JessCohen


That’s awesome news @Julia-monday.com as one of the biggest concerns from my team (piloting the enterprise version) is that when we screenshare with other teams/clients, we see ALL boards and even if we have all of our consultants remember to hide the panel with board names (in many cases client names), or teach them to use bolt switcher, we need a way for the surefire protection of intellectual property and private info to be protected.

Screenshare is problematic in other areas outside monday, but this seems like something you could control pretty easily?

Another idea would be to use the blue bar/panel (where my avatar and logo sit) and allow some of that real estate to be used for shortcuts to either dashboards or boards. Thus we could prep for client meetings with some buttons there for the boards we may access during an all day screenshare session.

Thanks for being awesome Monday! Your ability to engage and solution our ideas (from what I’m reading) is great. Now it’s just convincing our Leadership of that!

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Do you know if there are plans for the favourite board feature to be released to the mobile apps as well?

We use Monday extensively on iPads with our operations staff and would love to see favourite boards and folders on the IOS mobile app.

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That’s a great idea @straister. Perfect for meeting prep or just management of daily tasks! Drag & Drop Functionality would be amazing.

Hey @Julia-monday.com I just found the beta feature for favourites in the lab and activated it. Is there a support article or steps on how to add a board to the favourites and where to find them?

It’s pretty intuitive @Krishele, I have given it a try and found the navigation to explain itself. Tip and link to learning is there when you adopt. Take note of that and you should be good!

Right click to make a favorite. :slight_smile:

What’s the best way to report feedback on this item now adopted through the monday lab? Thanks!

Right click on what and where?

Right click on a board to make it a favorite, sorry.

Hmm, am I looking in the right spot? I’ve right clicked on a board name and these are the only options I had. Could you share a screenshot where you were able to make it a favourite?

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Hi @Krishele

After activating Favorites in the monday labs and refreshing my browser (Chrome), I see Add to favorites in my right-click menus.


I see you’re also missing Change board type from your context menu.

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hmm, still not seeing it as an option. What type of board list are you guys using? @JohnW @straister

@Krishele Unified.

Is that screenshot from your monday.labs?

Hi Krishele. After enabling the Favorite Beta feature, as you did in your account, I see a Add to Favorites menu option after openning the context menu (right click) over a Board. This option shows for all type of boards (private, shareable and public).

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@Krishele What @agranville said.

This is my right-click menu for each board with two menu options not shown on your screenshot.


What does yours look like?

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