Feature request - Group Properties

Tropicaljs.com is Hawaii’s premier custom fabric manufacturer. We use each groups as as representation for an individual job, and have columns such as Department, installation date, sales rep, etc.

What I am missing is a way to compare all groups together regardless of their individual tasks in order to have a dashboard view (like a piechart) of all groups by revenue, or all groups by sales rep. Then when I create a new group I could enter some basic information, start date, rep, sales amount, etc. This information could be used to filter all groups in a dashboard view and it would even be useful if there was an option to have columns that auto populated this overarching group information. This way if I make a new task, the tasks is auto enters the rep and sales price in the appropriate column.

At the moment we duplicate tasks and then change parameters, but theres no way ( at least I don’t think so) to view a pie chart of all groups. I can only seem to create pie charts that show tasks.