Feature request (Integrations) : Ability to use the "last comment" field in integrations


I haven’t seen anyone ask that on the forum so I would like to post this suggestion.

We have a Slack integration that works very well, and sends a message to our channel telling us that a task has been changed to “completed” and by whom it was closed.

What I would like would be the ability to add the task’s last comment (update) to the Slack notification message.


In this case we would have for example a message like this: “The task Test was terminated by Nicolas Gérard with the solution [Test1]”

Our need to use the comment field is with the Slack integration but I guess it might be useful for other people with other integrations.

Do not hesitate to ask me for details if you do not understand the usefulness of this request.

Thank you

Good idea! I also think this would be useful.