Feature Request: “Link” column configuration for “open in same window” vs “in new window/tab”

The idea here is to make it so you can create a board that acts as navigation to other boards, when using Monday in a web browser.

Implementing this could just be done through “column settings” on the existing “link” column:

  1. Have a setting for on the existing “Link” column, have it be a configuration option that the links in the column either open the link in a new browser tab (probably the default), and the other option is to open the link in the existing window;


  1. Create a “Monday link” setting for a link column, and if that option is chosen, then the “links” in that column are specifically for navigating to other boards on the account, and when using the column, a dialog box can open to display all boards the user is able to see, and choose one, to initially set the link. This could be useful if it worked in conjunction with a breadcrumb navigation option that would reside at the top of each board when a “Monday link” was used to get to the board.