Feature Request: Private Notes / Hide from Guests

Yes, it first appears to be installed, but then I can’t locate it to add it to our board.

Try to reinstall it, also, it should appear in the “Add View” section.

Hi @Yoggie - What’s the time table for getting your Private Notes app in the monday Apps Marketplace? We have several clients who would be interested but due to security concerns, only approved Marketplace apps may be installed in their accounts.

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Hi @PolishedGeek !

Same answer :upside_down_face:

I still can’t seem to find the app once it’s installed. I’m not even sure if it provides the functionality I need. Would you be able to provide some info about what it does? Is it permissions based notes?

Hi @Kristinemd13 !

Yes it’s permissions based notes for your board items. You’d be able to add it as a view and control who can see and edit notes.

I don’t know why you can’t find it after installation, one thing I’ve notices it your screenshot says “item Views Center” whereas on other Monday account’s I’ve seen it suppose to be under “Views Center”.

You can contact me at Yogev@Formrally.com if you need further assistance.

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Hi @Yoggie, I tried your app and it’s great! Is it only available in board view? I tried to add it as an item view and I don’t see the app from there after I installed.

Hi @paulronolo !
Not sure what you mean.