Feature Request: Search window on “board automations” screen

There’s a search window on the main automation screen, so you can search for the right automation to add — that’s great.

Same idea: on a board that has many automations, it would be great to have a search window/filter at the top of the “board automations” screen.

So let’s say you have six automations that utilize the “due date” field, but they’re interspersed amongst 20 other automations for the board. It would be great to be able to type “due date” and have all six of the automations that use that field display, with all others hidden.

On a board with many automations, this would speed the finding of automations when adjustments or additions are needed. And more speed equals greater efficiency and improved usability! With automations on just two boards so far, I’ve now encountered about 20 situations where this automation could have saved me at least a minute of time spent manually searching.

Thank you for considering.